What Our Clients Say

Silvia R. Brown

Was very pleased with the job, very professional and accurate, They know their job. will be happy to use them in the future time also to reffers my friends they ask for them for their cars repair. Thanks Mr Ben.

Rod N. Clay

I bought my car with SFA Body Repairs inspection recommendation and I’m very happy with their works. I’m sure that I’ll use SFA Body Repairs services again in the future.

Joseph C. Billups

I like SFA Body Repairs, because throughout the repair, kept me updated. Dropped it off and collected it easily. Excellent quality work.

Vernice M. Sanders

Excellent service and kept us informed about the progress of our vehicle. We are thankful to have a SFA Body Repairs we can trust and know will do what is right for our customers. We Love Them!
Thank you so much!

Edna J. Young

I would definitely recommend SFA Body Repairs. I’ve actually recommended them to several of my friends. Just the convenience of the whole aspect where you can go about your life and get your work done and you don’t need to take the car anywhere or deal with your car not being available when you need it is great. Thanks to SFA Body Repairs.

Harold K. Glidden

The service was excellent. The staff were extremely kind and professional. My car was picked up within four days. Well done! Thanks SFA Body Repairs.